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Dedicated to expanding educational opportunities in Tanzania, Tetea provides scholarships to needy students and works to develop learning centers in the country. The JLC Memorial Fund helps provide monetary support and reading materials in partnership with Tetea and the Macobica Library. The reading room at the Macobica Library is named in honor of Joseph. In addition, the Tetea foundation also helps the JLC Memorial Fund distribute money to the Hagati Secondary School and the Saint Luise’s Secondary School for Girls in the Mbinga Region in Southwestern Tanzania. In the upcoming years, we are planning on working with the Tetea Foundation to support additional educational ventures in the region.
> Jiamini Organization
The Jiamini Organization provides orphaned and vulnerable children in southern Tanzania with a quality local education and a safe living environment, empowering them to become self-reliant members of their communities. The JLC Memorial Fund has, to this date, supported twelve students at the Ndanda Secondary School in the Mtwara region of Southern Tanzania through Jiamini. The school is especially significant for the JLC memorial fund since Joseph spent his final two years as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching A-level chemistry, physics, and mathematics at the Ndanda Secondary School.
> Fordham Preparatory School Scholarship
Fordham Preparatory School has a long history of educating young men in the Ignatian tradition. Jesuit education insists on individual care and concern for each person; it emphasizes active participation by the student and openness to growth and life-long learning. Like all Jesuit schools, Fordham Prep promotes a realistic knowledge of the world; encourages an awareness, love, and acceptance of self; and seeks to form men for others, particularly in concern for the poor. Both Joseph and his brother Kyle attended high school at Fordham Prep in Bronx, NY. The Jesuit-run high school played a large part in developing Joseph’s sense of community and service, influencing his decision to join the Peace Corps after college. To honor Joseph’s memory and support a place he loved, the JLC Memorial Fund provides a scholarship to a college bound senior from the prep each year.
> Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children
JBFC is non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty throughout East Africa by building self-sustaining, holistic care campuses, which primarily serve orphaned and street girls, providing them with safe refuge, nutrition, education, healthcare and hope for a new life. The JLC Memorial Fund gives monetary support to JBFC’s campus in western Tanzania.